Saturday, March 28, 2009


It is so nice to have the Temple so close by. We can get there in less than 10 minutes.
Eric even says he can see the Angel Moroni from our street. I still havn't spotted it.

We have really enjoyed having people over to our place for dinner. A couple of Sunday's ago we had the missionaries over along with some friends we have met in our ward. From left to right we have...Eric, the missionaries, our good friend Matt Robinson who oddly enough before we knew who each other were, he checked us in at our hotel when we were here in Washington for our Wedding Reception. Small world huh? Then there is Brett Smith and Kristen Stone. She is the one who made the amazing looking dessert you see on the table. We love Brett and Kristen!

Me and the Mosaic crew. I work with wonderful people.

FEAT is an organization that helps families who have children with Autism. They recently held a fundraising even at the Hyatt in Bellevue. Andrea Sims, the owner of the clinic where I work, invited myself, my co-workers, and our guests to the event. We enjoyed a nice dinner and watched as the organization raised over $500,000 to help these families.

Me and my handsome date :) Thanks Heidi, the shirt and tie look great! `

That's right, I'm sewing. Mom and Granny got me a sewing machine when they came to visit. And just after that a service project was announced in Releif Society. We were to make colorful balls for the kids in Ecuador. Every year dentists go down to help out and I guess our ward supplies toys for the kids to help with their visit to the dentist. I'm getting the hang of it, although it is not easy. I plan to keep trying, I'll have to if I plan to sew as good as my grandmothers soome day.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nick's Basketball Game

We have really enjoyed going to Nick's basketball games. They are a lot of fun! Not only do we get to cheer him on, but we get to spend time with family. Grandma and Grandpa Hass are huge supporters and we enjoy the time we get to catch up with them. Also with Andrea, Heidi, David and Omi. Thanks Nick for playing so hard and giving us something to look forward to. You're awesome!
Nick's fan club Nick makes an assist

Nick races up the court for a layup

Nick playing tough defense

Nick shoots and scores

A long distance pass

Dinner with Jake and Kara in Seattle

Our first encounters with Jake and Kara were through the basketball team in our church. They were married just one day after us. So, it has been fun having other newly weds to hang out with. I was also very excited when I found out Kara is a hair stylist. And may I add a very good one. As soon as I found out I went in for a hair cut. I didn't know what I was going to do here in WA without Ashley and Cortney, but thanks to Kara I don't have to worry anymore.
She does a great job!

Me and Kara after an awesome meal at Pacific Place Mall.

Jake, Kara, Ashlea and Eric