Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Olympic Game Forest and More

Eric took Friday off and we headed out for a little road trip to the Olympic Game Forest with Adalea. The idea is that you get to drive your car through fields of animals like yaks, bison, zebra's, deers etc and feed them bread from your car window. Pretty crazy huh, but so much fun. Adalea wasn't so sure at first when the yak stuck his head all the way in our car window, but she quickly warmed up to the idea and wanted to feed all of the animals.

Earlier in the week we met our friends for "Park Day" at Kelsey Creek Park, a little farm park not far from our house. Adalea and Clara enjoyed looking at the chickens until one pecked Adalea's finger. She still talks about that chicken and says "owie".

She's not so sure what to do here...she had her first try at milking a cow.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lots to share...

From Adalea's first day of nursery to swim lessons and everything fun in between...we just wanted to give you all an update. There are lots of pictures in this post. I will do my best to tell you about each one. :)

Let's start with today. We went with some friends (Nylah, Mac, Brenna and Luke) to an indoor water park. This place was perfect for our little ones. Adalea had a blast. She loves the water and suprises me each time we go swimming with how much more comfortable she seems to be. Mac and Luke must be two of Adalea's favorite people. Little boys are so laid back and easy going...I think Adalea likes the balance it creates :) She is wearing Mac's shirt and Luke's pants in this picture. We had a little accident and no change of clothes.

So last week (you will see a picture below) it was 78 degrees and beautiful. So, I planned to spend the entire day outside with Adalea since this was the warmest day since last summer. We went to the Lake. The water was freezing, but it didn't stop Adalea. She totally suprised me and jumped in, clothes and all. So...I thought it might be a good idea to sign up for some swim classes. We go every Monday and Wednesday when Eric gets home. It has been so fun to watch her enjoy something so much. Taking Adalea to a "class" seems like such a big girl thing to do. I can't explain the joy it brings to my heart to do something for that brings such a big smile to her face.

Some sad news to share....Eric sprained his ankle a couple of weeks ago playing basketball. The story is much better when I add that it happened after he made the winning shot of the game :) Adalea has been very aware and very concerned about "Daddy's booboo" She has been taking very good care of him.

The picturesbelow are at the Lake (from the entry above). So they call it a "beach park" here...its not really a beach, but it is a really beautiful park on Lake Washington.

Adalea's first day of Nursery. Well, I guess I should say her first official day. Toddlers begin going to the nursery during the second part of church after they turn 18 months. Adalea couldn't wait so she has been going occasionally for the past couple of months and loved it. I'm not sure what happned this particular Sunday, but she decided that she doesn't like it quite as much. She cried and cried! Maybe they should just go ahead and call me as the new nursery leader :) it looks like I might be in there a lot. :)

We love to make smoothies. It appears as though we are sharing, but Adalea usually gets most of it. :)

Memorial Day weekend long awaited bike ride.

So we decided that maybe if we weren't cut out to be a hiking family that we could be a biking family. So....we started preparations. I needed to buy a bike (thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas present) Eric decided to fix his bike and use his Christmas money for something else. We already had a bike trailer for Adalea... just needed helmets and that should be it right? We worked hard all weekend from stuffing a bike in the front of our car to working on the tire of Eric's bike to making a shopping trips for just the right helmets and figureing out how the bike trailer safely attached to the bike. After a lot of hard work we took off for our first ride. Itwas well worth all the work. We had a great time.

Finally some pregnancy pictures!

Adalea 18 month shots at the Park.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a great day...

Adalea and I had an all star day. We stayed in our pajamas all day until we left for Uncle Nick's swim meet at 5:30. We were dancing in the kitchen at 8:30 am, eating vanilla waffers dipped in milk by 10, ate hot dogs and chips for lunch. (treats we usually don't have in our house) :) We just took it easy, cleaned together, played together, snuggled together, laughed and cried together. Sometimes it's just good to have one of those days. The kind of day you don't feel like you really have to get anything done or have any place that you have to be.

Today Adalea said her first sentence today...she was into something as always and I looked at her and said "You're a mess!" (that's a southern thing I think) Adalea then looked and me and repeated..."You're a mess". I smiled!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Friends

You all have inspired me to post. I love being able to feel like I am a small part of your lives as I read your blogs and see your pictures. I don't usually write a lot on my blogs, I tend to post more pictures. But this time I thought I would give a little update...

Being Adalea's Mommy is the best! She is so sweet and so fun and so cute! Hearing her learn new words and watching her as she tries to express herself has been tons of fun.

I was a little worried trying to keep up with her and deal with the typical first (sometimes second and third) trimester yuckies that are associated with pregnancy....feeling exhausted, feeeling nauseated etc. But I'll have to say I have been truly blessed. I have hardly felt sick and just sneak a little nap in here and there when she is napping. It's been great. I am already in my second trimester! I can't believe it. This pregnancy is definitely going a lot faster than with Adalea. I can't wait to see her as a big sister. She is going to love it.

Eric, is doing great. Working hard! But always finding time for me and Adalea. Adalea loves when "Daddy comes Home" at the end of the day. She knows it's her special time with him and they have a blast. We are getting really excited for my parents to come next week for a visit! We can't wait to see them.

Adalea loves Sarah! She lives next door. It was her birthday this week and we had her and her Mom over for cookies. Those two are quite the pair.

Eric and Adalea being silly. Look closely, Adalea has a hair clip on her nose. :) Maybe whatever I was cooking for dinner didn't smell so good.

Princess Adalea!

Somehow this picture gives me some idea of what this little face will look like in 10 years.

Mommy's little helper.

I wish I knew what she was thiking about.

It has been fun to watch Adalea loved dress up. She especially loves accessories!