Monday, April 26, 2010

Adalea finds her tongue

So to see the highlight of today's post, which is what the title of this post is refferring to.."Adalea found her tounge" be sure to see the video below!!!

We have been having so much fun! Adalea is so happy. She is so alert and attentive to everything around her...she doesn't want to miss a beat. I think that is why nap time is sometimes a challenge :) Enjoy the pictures.

Adalea lookin so cute in the outfit Aunt Heather sent.

She is always showing off for her Daddy.

Adalea's first trip to the spa. Grandma Heidi massaged her little toes while we enoyed getting pedicures.

Our little Easter Bunny!

We had a wonderful time at Grandma and Grandpa Hass's for Easter.

Wow!! What do you see?

Adalea makes her arrival at Great Grandma's in a super cute bunny outfit.

Adalea with another grandmother (MeMe :)We love when MeMe comes to visit.

Monday, April 5, 2010 update :)

Little Miss Adalea has been keeping us busy. Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed a visit from MeMe and PaPa (my parents), having Eric's family over to grill out, birthday celebrations, Easter and many more fun things. Below are pictures from some of these things. I will write a few captions under each one.

Adalea is learning so many new things. This week she has masterned rolling from her back to her tummy. I think she is starting to realize that she can get somewhere in this postion. By doing somewhat of an army crawl and rolling back and forth she has managed to reach a toy within several inches of her. She is so dedicated as she practices her new moves every chance she gets. It has been so exciting for me and Eric to watch her over these past four months grown and learn.

We loved so much having my parents here. Adalea loved the constant attention. :) Dad introduced the game "peek a boo" and she just loved it. She thought he was pretty funny. When Mom left Adalea had 4 new additions to her shoe collection. Mom crotched Mary Jane's for her in all colors. I dont' think she will be spoiled one bit by her grandparents :)

Enjoy the pictures there will be more to come really soon.

Adalea enjoying playing with her Daddy.

Adalea is all dressed up for church.

Don't they look so relaxed :)

Tummy Time!

I have never seen my Dad so happy! He is in heaven.

We all took Adalea to the park one day for a picnic.

We love to match. Its so much fun :)

So this is what we call "getting sugar" in the south. Adalea just loved it. She thinks it is the funniest thing when MeMe kisses her.

Dad and Eric grilling out.

The Tulip Festival