Friday, November 20, 2009

Turkey Bowl

The Seattle Institute puts on the huge football tournament every year called the Turkey Bowl. This has become a fun tradition for Eric and his friends. It starts at 4:00 and does through the night. Depending on how well you do depends on how late you stay. Let's just say we were one of the last to leave :) It was cold, and a little rainy at times, not to mention the only bathrooms in sight were "honey buckets"....but it was sooo much fun! I loved watching Eric play and spending time with Kathy and Colton.

Isn't my husband so cute!!

The team!

Kathy, Colton and myself trying to stay warm. Colton was our little mascot. He is so cute!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Windows of Heaven

Heavenly Father has promised his children many that at times we may feel like the windows of heaven have opened and blessing are just pouring down. I feel that we have truly been the recipients of this love. He has blessed us through each one of you, our family and friends. When I found out I was pregnant Eric and I lived in a one bedroom mother in law apartment and wondered how we would make room for a baby. We were determined and satisfied at the idea of making it work. I never imagined being able to decorate a nursery. In July our landlord informed us that he wanted to sale the house and asked us to move out by the end of August. It was quite the adventure, finding a new place to call home, but we did and we love it. Our new place has two rooms so guess what that meant for me...the excitement of being able to prepare a special place for our little girl. It has been a dream come true. And one that would have never come true without all of you. We were given nursery furniture that has been passed down through 4 of Eric's little cousins and now on to us. We were able to find super great deals at garage sales, we have been flooded with gifts, clothes, blankets, special homemade quilts from loving grandmothers, a book collection from family in North Carolina and much much more. I can't thank you all enough. We have been truly blessed.