Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A lot to share...

So I know I know we haven't updated in a couple of weeks. Many family members were sure to let us know that they were awaiting the latest pictures of Adalea....so here ya go.

Here she is. In just 6 days she will be 3 months old. We love the elephant you sent us
Aunt Heather.

Adalea and her Daddy trying out new tricks.

Family visit from NC!
What a blessing to have had family come visit. Many of you may not know but I have a cousin in the Navy. He is stationed at Everett. His parents (my Aunt and Uncle) and our grandmother were here over the weekend. I was so happy when they called Monday and wanted to stop by. It was fun for Adalea to get to know some of her wonderful family members from Carolina.

Just warming up to each other. :)

Adalea with her Uncle Stuart and Aunt Virginia

Adalea got to see her Great Granny Frances. What a special treat.
Over the last couple of weeks Adalea has been making many friends.
Raegan is 4 weeks younger than Adalea. This play date they seemed to be a little more interested in each other. How fun!!
We look forward to many more.
"Hey girls over here...look at the camera."

Adalea and I anxiously await the weekend so that we can spend 2 full days with Eric. I love how he surprises us with fun Saturday afternoon outings. This past Saturday we went to Newcastle Beach. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time together as a family.

Our little friend Colton and his Mom Kathy came to visit last week. We went on a 3 mile walk that took us to a boat landing on Lake Washington. Adalea was quite captivated by Colton...he made her laugh several times.
Can't wait to see ya'll again!

The bib is worn proudly in honor of the men in Adalea's life: Daddy, Uncle Danny, Grandpa, Opa and for the rest of you Huskie fans.

We love visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Hass!

Still more pictures!!!

I like this little pose.
Adalea was given this beautiful dress by a dear friend. She visited her home in Brazil and brought this back for her.
Thank you Thea!

Adalea just waking up.

Check out this pose. I think she is really thinking about something important.