Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Adalea's big hike and more...

Okay so having Adalea in our lives is the most amazing blessing ever!!! We love her so much and are having so much fun being parents. We took Adalea on her first big hike this past Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny day and not too cold so we decided to go for it. The last time the three of us went on a big hike I was 4 months pregnant so I thought this time it was Eric's turn to "carry" her. :) We had a wonderful time.

Adalea and Mommy eating lunch at the top of the mountain.

She felt nice and cozy next to Eric and slept almost the entire time.

Okay so the pictures that follow...I got a little carried away. We had a little photo shoot the other night and I just think she is so cute in all of them that I decided to post them all :)

She has started rubbing her little eyes...it is so cute.

You can often find Adalea with her little arms folded.

So relaxed!!!

Adalea loves to play and after a long day of work for Daddy and play for Adalea this is what I find...