Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a great day...

Adalea and I had an all star day. We stayed in our pajamas all day until we left for Uncle Nick's swim meet at 5:30. We were dancing in the kitchen at 8:30 am, eating vanilla waffers dipped in milk by 10, ate hot dogs and chips for lunch. (treats we usually don't have in our house) :) We just took it easy, cleaned together, played together, snuggled together, laughed and cried together. Sometimes it's just good to have one of those days. The kind of day you don't feel like you really have to get anything done or have any place that you have to be.

Today Adalea said her first sentence today...she was into something as always and I looked at her and said "You're a mess!" (that's a southern thing I think) Adalea then looked and me and repeated..."You're a mess". I smiled!

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Brenna said...

What!! A sentence!?! Oh my gosh! And what a cute one it was :)

I feel like they just blossom on good days like those!