Sunday, January 31, 2010

For all of Adalea's fans...

We always love for the family to come visit. I think we get a lot more visits now that Adalea lives here ;) Nick and I made Candy Apples today. I found a kit in the grocery store this weekend, which to me was a huge deal. If you remember from our Puyallup Fair blog, we searched the entire fair before finding a candy apple. So needless to say when I saw them in the grocery store I had to get them.

Adalea and I love going for walks at Bellevue Park. Today we took Eric with us. It was much more fun with "Daddy".

Adalea is enjoying bath time much more these days :).

What is this look all about?

"Look at how strong I am. I love showing off during tummy time."

Adalea loves times with her Daddy. Eric loves it too!!

Me and Adalea at the park.

Look at all of the faces she can make...

This is Adalea being completely spoiled and soooo loved by her two grandmothers. Grandma Heidi and Great Grandma Omi. Their visit was the highlight of our week. :)

Adalea loves her Aunt Andrea. She knows just how to get her to stop crying.

Center of attention

One sock on, one sock off...Grandpa is the best at putting Adalea to sleep


Tim and Takyiwah Parcell said...

It looks like she just keeps getting bigger! I guess I'm going to come to you for tips when mine comes. I am beginning to think I might not be able to do it. You guys are awesome! take care

Grant said...

That one video of her making all those faces is hilarious! Cute blog Ashlea.

Brenna said...

Hey Ashlea, I stalk your blog :) Look at all of Adalea's pretty things! Her pretty blanket and her pretty hat! So cute!