Monday, August 20, 2012

Life in Utah

Eric starts his first day of class tomorrow. We are back in UT, where it all began :) Eric is going to the MBA program at BYU. We are excited to be here and for the adventure this will be for our little family. Adalea is 2 years old 8 months and Avanna is 8.5 month. The girls are doing great and are having fun exploring Utah. We live in on campus housing which is really proving to be a lot of fun.

Hot Utah day...thought we would introduce Adalea to a slip n slide. She wasn't super crazy about it, the idea sounded a lot more fun than actually doing it.

They tackle Daddy when he comes home. These girls love their Daddy and oh how he loves them. He's doomed. Living in a house with 3 girls he's totally smitten by. How will he ever survive? :)

We found the coolest (free may I add) splash pad park in Alpine. Went there last Saturday and had a blast.

 Adalea just had to get a big girl bike so she could keep up with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.

 Happy 4 year anniversary to me and Eric. My dear friend Cortney watched the girls for us so we could go out to celebrate.

 Our dear Adalea. She was suppose to be taking a nap, I found her walking around her room in her hat and boots :) She's so cute. Love this girl!

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Leanne said...

your girls are beautiful! you guys all look so happy and i'm so glad!!! i love to read and see all the fun things you guys are up to. we need a serious reunion someday. :)

hope you've had a great day. thanks for posting!!